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Magento Version Upgrade

Magento has become the most popular ecommerce platform because of its modular architecture, complete scalability and a wide range of customization options. Ecommerce technology trends advances so does the platform. Magento releases frequent version upgrades to enhance performance, scalability and security fixes.

Magento is the latest robust, next-generation e-commerce platform that guarantees better security and enhanced scalability with some great approaches like an easy to use design, and supports larger database that gives store owners freedom to increase shopping experience and functionality considering Secure e-commerce transactions.

Upgrading your older Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x Version to latest Magento version brings enhanced functionality, new features, security improvements, bug fixes that serves better shopping experience to your store customers. Not only this but regularly upgrading your Magento store helps to deliver more stable and bug-free experience and power up your store performance compared to the past.

Upgrading Magento is a sophisticated process, if not handled carefully you pose great risk on current production system’s functionality which can result in a negative influence on your online business. 

All the Magento version upgrades take place on Development environment without affecting your current production system. Our Magento experts perform final QA testing and implements upgrades on a live environment with almost Zero Downtime, so you continue to serve your customers without any delay. Upgrade your Magento Version today to boost functionality, for faster load times and utmost security for your online business.

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