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Web and Mobile apps that make travel a more pleasurable experience.

Web and Mobile apps that make travel a more pleasurable experience.

Many of us may be already using web and mobile apps that become very handy while traveling. Mobile apps are usually extremely user-friendly with quick response times and can be downloaded and used in most of the modern smartphones whereas web apps can be accessed in web browsers on PC or mobile devices.

Gone are the days when passengers hopped around the airport booths to gather information on how to proceed further. Web and Mobile apps these days are all-encompassing starting from booking your tickets to plan your travel itinerary and handling travel emergencies if any. Downloading and installing a few of user-friendly apps on your mobile device is all you need to get started off with a stress-free travel agenda. While there are hundreds of apps that claim to make every possible task easier, some useful ones on your phone will make things work better for you.

Travel Booking apps:

Travel booking apps provide cheap flight booking options and alert system when prices change. Flight ticket reservations had never been so easier to process.

One must have already heard about Google Flights. It is one of the popular online search web applications for flight bookings. Mention may also be made of Hopper that claims to give very good discounts on flight bookings. Kayak is another app that gives the best pricing options, hotels and rental deals, price forecasting and act as a trip planner. Similarly, there is Skyscanner. While there must be many others, using popular apps for booking cheaper flight tickets is a great way to save money.

Airport parking booking apps:

Airport parking apps can help a traveler save time by accessing parking services sites and making in advance online parking spot reservations. Airport Parking Bookings is an app that allows you to reserve and pre-pay for a parking spot near your destination. Some airport parking providers have their own apps customized and designed to allow customers to shop for, reserve and pre-pay for a parking spot near their destination. Other popular apps are Park For U, ParkWhiz, etc.

Apps for transportation:

Everyone must already be familiar with Uber. After vacation and crammed in the airport cabin for hours, it is very convenient to book your taxi for your destination using Uber. Citymapper is another incredibly helpful for new arrivals by providing real-time information and updates on all modes of transport. Just Landed, GrounLink, TripIt are some other such apps in these categories.

Apps that help search conveniences:

TripAdvisor is a great travel companion. A frequent traveler admits to the saying that “Great app. Easy to use. I like being able to see restaurants on a map around an event I am attending (plays, theater, etc.), so I know what my restaurant choices are. I would like to be able to input the address of the event I am attending or the theater name into the app and have it show up everything I am seeking information about.”Ideas for hotels, restaurants, tours, and attractions can be easily viewed on a map.

Apps for arranging accommodation:

Most of the decent accommodation seekers must have experienced Airbnb.com It helps find a home away from home. Certain apps like Tingo.com automatically refund money if the prices of the rooms drop for some reason. Roomertravel allows booking a hotel room from the list of rooms that have been canceled and gives good deals. These platforms to find accommodation are extremely useful to someone on the run.

Apps for navigation:

A navigation app not only helps find directions but also bicycle routes, traffic updates, and access to offline maps if you need to preserve data and iPhone or Android battery life. These apps are also customized to find the quickest way to hit dozens of stops, apps for planning the ultimate road trip, and apps to navigate you around traffic jams. CoPilot GPS and Google Maps are household names now. There are specialized ones such as “Komoot” that helps search a range of North American bike paths and mountain trails, with topographic maps for hiking and biking routes near a person looking for it.

Apps for airport formalities:

Some apps like TripIt and TripCase become very handy mostly for people who are frequent travelers or to everyone who is on the go. A traveler opined “I love knowing exactly when my flights are, when they are delayed, what gate to leave from, and all the other amazing TripIt Pro features.”It is an incredibly helpful app that to give all useful information from car rental, lodging and other details to information regarding flight times, flight and booking numbers, seat assignments too.

Flight Tracking apps:

When one is on the go tracking flights may be equally important to know the exact status and plan logistics accordingly. My TSA is a USA government-sponsored app. This app has one helpful feature for TSA pre-check members. It shows which airports and terminals have TSA pre-check lanes and where to find them, which is a major bonus when arriving at an unfamiliar airport. App in the air is an app that helps find out the status of on-boarded flight or flights that need to be boarded in transit. Just by entering one’s flight number, one can get information about timings for flight boarding with every detail like check-in times, gate numbers, take-off and landing times. Having all this information at hand keeps you completely stress-free to enjoy your cup of coffee and your favorite book. Flight view, Gate guru are some other similar apps.

Isn’t this true, travels are made easier now!

By Swaleh Saigal

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