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The 5 Biggest IoT Trends in 2018

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Following Gartners prediction that there will be almost 20 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) within two years, it should come as no surprise that IoT will continue to make waves throughout the rest of 2018.

Of the numerous IoT trends to look out for below are the top five.


Security Will Remain a Big Priority


The bigger and more complicated a system gets, the more network security challenges normally arise. IoT is no different.

As the number of connected devices in one environment increases, finding a way to keep data safe becomes a huge priority.

A solution to the lack of security features found in some IoT devices will need to be found and machine-to-machine authentication will get layered. Because weak passwords are the main reason behind DDoS and other attacks, both IoT manufacturers and consumers will become more aware of security threats involving IoT.


Mobile Platforms Will Become Even More Commonplace


As an effective management system for IoT devices, mobile platforms are proving their importance.

With most companies realizing the necessity of a mobile marketing strategy, mobile platform development will become even more commonplace throughout the rest of the year.


Smart Home Devices Will Grow in Popularity


In a world where we are often stretched to our limits, smart home devices are quickly being latched onto as time savers. From providing home automation comfort to home security, consumers are seeing the possibilities that smart home devices can provide

Besides being highly intuitive and advanced, smart home devices provide an opportunity to save on energy great for your wallet and even greater for the environment.


Advanced Analytics and Machines Will Help Provide Management


Along with the exponential increase in data requiring processing and analyzing, more advanced analytics and machines will become necessary.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will provide a solution for managing an amount of data too vast for humans. To assist with IoT devices real-time data streaming needs, more analytics software and tools will be necessary..


Edge Networking Will Be Embraced by Companies


The IoTs creation of a huge amount of data makes companies think twice about their data center..

For companies looking to reduce network usage and decrease costs, edge networking will provide the solution.


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By Swaleh Saigal

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