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Saigal Media Wins Back-to-Back Clutch Awards As A Top Development Company in Canada

Saigal Media Wins Back-to-Back Clutch Awards As A Top Development Company in Canada

Last year, we proudly announced the breakthrough we made in becoming one of the top B2B Companies in Canada. This year, we’re absolutely thrilled to say that we’ve duplicated the feat by becoming a Clutch top IT service provider in Canada for the year 2021.

For those unfamiliar with their work, Clutch is a B2B Ratings and Reviews platform that uses a unique verification process to ensure that all of the information submitted to them is accurate. They leverage this data to determine the top performers in each industry in every region of the world.

Their reviews form the base of all their operations, and the best ones look like this:

In fact, these reviews aren’t just important to Clutch, they’re also used as resources for another important B2B website – The Manifest. They are a business data aggregator that creates ranked lists of the best companies from all over the world.

Companies that are highlighted by the Manifest are the cream of the crop in their respective industries. Getting more of these reviews on the Clutch platform is a first small step our team needs to become the big fish that we’re destined to become. The gravity of this second award isn;t lost on our CEO who had this to say about the news. 

We are excited to be featured as a leading B2B company in Canada and Clutch Leader for 2021! Swaleh Saigal ” – CEO Saigal Media Inc.

Saigal Media is on its way to the top of the Canadian B2B list. Join us on this journey and we can make this same announcement next year as well. Contact our driven team of developers today and we can begin bringing your unique vision to life as soon as possible.