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How Technology is Reshaping Our Childrens Learning Experience

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The days of when only a pencil, notebook, chalk and chalkboard were needed for learning are officially a thing of the past.

Instead, students now regularly utilize laptops and tablets in the classroom, while teachers incorporate SMART boards, clicker response systems and more into their teaching methods.

As the first generation to fully grow up surrounded by technology, Generation Z expects the same from their learning experiences as well.

Virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are two technologically based, interactive technologies that are gaining popularity within Generation Zs classroom.

Implementing Virtual Reality in the Classroom

With virtual reality, going on day trips with schoolmates may soon become a thing of the past! Instead, students can now take field trips all over the world without ever stepping foot outside their classroom.

Explore different cultures by socializing in multi-player experiences and experience lesson learning like never before with programs such as Googles Pioneer Expeditions and Nearpod. Students can also create a personalized VR environment that complements current computer science technology curriculum.

As an indispensable tool for teaching new skills and experiencing new environments, virtual reality offers an amazing complement to schoolboards traditional teaching methodology.

And by offering a range of technology options, VR can be accessed by almost any student.

Artificial Intelligenceís Role in Learning

If youíve ever used Siri or own a smart home device, you will already be familiar with the possibilities that artificial intelligence produces in daily living. But do you know the positive effect that AI can have in a classroom setting?

AI grading systems can free up a teacherís valuable time, leaving more time to engage with their students. By recognizing handwriting, distinguishing question types and identifying right answers, AI grading systems allow teachers to spend less time on marking.

Students benefit from AI by learning from customized lesson plans, as opposed to the traditional textbook-type learning method. In each studentís customized lesson plan created by AI-based teaching software, the emphasis is placed on where each studentís knowledge is lacking, in addition to other specificities.

Putting it All Together

With VR and AI, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating an interactive, customizable learning environment dependent on the studentís needs.

For most of us who were taught using traditional teaching methodology of paper and textbook, we can only be envious of todayís learning environment!

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