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Mobile Banking Transactions A 2018 Priority

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If youre looking to remain competitive, a large part of your business marketing strategy must be in your mobile marketing strategy. If it isnt, you risk being left behind in todays highly engaged mobile world.

According to Google research, mobile is the dominant platform for searches, with 48% of buyers using smartphones to begin their search. If thats not motivation enough for why you should make mobile engagement a top priority for your business, below are five more.


1. Get Better Rankings in Google


Google is basically forcing you to make your site mobile friendly by penalizing websites that arent. Beginning with lowering your search rankings, Google can also enforce stricter penalties over time.

If your companys website is not responsive or easy to browse, it will only be a matter of time before you start feeling a negative impact from Google.


2. Grow Your Audience


Gone are the days when every household had a desktop or laptop computer to complete their product searches. Instead, an increasing amount of consumers utilize their smartphones exclusively. In fact, over $1 trillion now accounts for mobile-influenced offline spending according to Forrester.

Think of the potential customer base that you are missing out on if youre not already doing mobile marketing!


3. Improve Customer Interactions


New technologies such as virtual reality is becoming more and more widespread in the mobile marketing world. These exciting new technologies create a limitless potential when it comes to creating mobile ads that are more effective and engaging.


4. Embrace Multiple Customer Engagement Opportunities


We already know that repetition is key with advertising.

Since mobile provides yet another opportunity to market your product, your chances of a customer purchasing your product after seeing it advertised on another platform increases.

Integrating push notifications onto phones introduces a whole other opportunity to interact repeatedly with your customer base.


5. Provide Personalized Offers


Customers like engaging with brands that connect personally with them. And by providing an opportunity to personalize offers and experiences to consumers, mobile marketing gives consumers the personalization they want.

Besides connecting with your customers in a meaningful way, mobile marketings personalized offers increase customer engagement and loyalty program activity.

Saigal Media: Mobile App Development Leaders

As the leaders in mobile app development, Saigal Media  is your number one choice when you want to prioritize mobile engagement. We know the best practices when it comes to developing a mobile app that will help you increase revenue, reduce cost and streamline operational efficiency.

Let us help your business with its mobile marketing strategy! Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

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By Swaleh Saigal

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