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Is Mobile Engagement a 2018 Priority?

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In the past, businesses could focus on solving isolated business-related problems using separate digital technologies.

Those days are now long gone.

Now, if a business wants to remain competitive with its competition, attract the best talent and grow successfully, it must fully embrace a digital transformation that includes social, cloud, mobile and more into its business processes.

To do so, a whole new way of thinking needs to be introduced into the workplace. Leading this change should be a strong leadership team that has a clear digital strategy in mind that can transform the business. These leaders must also be able to craft a work culture that welcomes new ways of conducting business, this time using integration with digital technologies.


Businesses Cant Be Afraid to Take Risks


The more forward-thinking the business is, the more invested in innovation and digital transformation it tends to be. Throughout the digital transformation, businesses are being pushed to take more risks to remain competitive. The whole while, employees should be getting trained with the necessary skills to be able to deal with the impact of the digital transformation.


Employees Want to Work for Companies that Embrace a Digital Transformation


Being an employer that is committed to a digital transformation is something that is becoming coveted by the workforce. To attract and retain stellar talent, companies need to be completely committed to digital progress.

However, in the 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, it was reported that only 15 percent of respondents working for companies that are undergoing the early stages of a digital transformation thought that their organizations had a strong digital strategy. These organizations lack focus on seeing how digital technologies can positively impact its operations.

The organizations that are more open to a digital transformation are four times more likely to provide employees with the necessary skills to succeed and realize the strategy.


No More Operationally-Focussed Strategies


Businesses that are simply focused on individual technologies tend to only focus on operations.

But when a business is more strategized regarding a digital transformation, the more focussed it becomes on making the business better using digital technologies.


A Digital Transformation Centres Around the Customer Experience


Before beginning a digital transformation, a company needs to take some time to focus on its customer experience.

Time needs to be spent figuring out the exact type of information customers want, and what is needed to create a great experience that will be recommended to others. Then, use this information to start a digital transformation that creates an amazing customer experience.

Its important to have a strong team in place that can inspect and suggest where to go next regarding the organizations digital transformation.


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By Swaleh Saigal

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