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Artificial Intelligence and Its Effects on the Future

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Effects on the Future

Although the actual future effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are still up for debate, almost all experts can agree that the world will never be the same because of AI.

Computers have advanced immensely to create AI that is progressively smarter and enables virtual connectivity to integrate an integrated, seamless experience for users. In addition, advancements have created tools that can replicate human judgements that were too complicated and delicate to be carried out by a computer in the past. Other future changes that AI technology is bringing include:

1 Advanced cloud services that will not only be able to anticipate tasks and events, but will change computing from a physical experience to a virtual one

2 Identification recognition systems integrated into smart sensors, surveillance cameras and eavesdropping devices to assist law enforcement

3 Business intelligence field advancements that will assist retailers with understanding customer behaviour better


AIs Effects on the Workforce


One of the major implications of AI is on the career force. Although transitions regarding the career force have happened in the past, this time is different since technological advancements are happening faster and will affect more jobs. In fact, there are more than 700 occupations that will be affected by automation as a result of future AI technology and robots


Remaining Employable within a World of AI


The key to remaining employable within a highly-technical future career force is to find niches that involve more intellectual, complicated tasks that machines cannot replace. For people who can produce information, think critically and react flexibly to different situations, there will always be careers available. For example, in a 2013 report, journalists, surgeons and elementary school teachers were predicted to be amongst some of the future positions least affected by future advancements in AI. Middle-skilled workers like accountants, telemarketers and freight agents were predicted to be most likely replaced by robots

The logic behind these predictions was that humans succeed the best at professions that require regular interaction with other humans, whereas machines do better than humans at tasks that require routine work.


Sometimes, Future Predictions are Unpredictable


Besides being able to detect cancer faster than humans, healthcare robots are taking on typical nursing tasks and famous painters techniques are being replicated by machine learning algorithms. Already, we have AI technology completing tasks that we would have never predicted possible a few years ago. Although its safe to say that machines will take over many of the jobs humans currently complete, its also been predicted that new job opportunities will also be created to make up for the lost livelihood.


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