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How to Generate Advertising Revenue from Mobile Apps

How to Generate Advertising Revenue from Mobile Apps

How to Generate Advertising Revenue from Mobile Apps

Wondering how you can make your app work for you? Let Saigal Media’s mobile app development experts show you the power of utilizing advertisements in your app!

Mobile App Advertising Revenue is Limitless!

Advertising has become one of the most common ways to generate money from an app. In fact, from 2013-2014, mobile app stores and mobile in-app ads each saw revenue increase 1.7 times compared to PC-based and mobile web-based ads, which grew revenue by about 1 to 1.5 times. No time is better than the present to start cashing in on the potential of mobile app advertising revenue!

Different Ways to Earn Money from Mobile App Advertising

When Saigal Media’s mobile app development team places advertisements inside your app, you can easily earn money in a variety of ways. One option is to get paid “per impression,” which involves generating revenue every time a user sees an ad on your app. “Per click” advertising revenue is generated whenever someone clicks on your ad. Another option is to make money “per install,” which occurs every time a user clicks and also installs, the advertised app. When choosing the ads for your app, our team places consideration on various factors, including format, frequency, placement and content of ads. We only want advertisements that will generate maximum revenue for your business – not take away from it!

Various In-App Ads Available to Make You Money!

Because there are various types of in-app ads available, Saigal Media’s professionals will determine which ad type is best for your app. The most common ad types are interstitial ads (full-screen pop-up ads), banner ads (which sit at either the top or bottom of the screen) and video ads (which can be displayed automatically at certain points in your app or only when a user chooses to view it). Native ads, which blend in seamlessly within the app’s content, are another option to consider. The options may seem overwhelming; however, Saigal Media’s Toronto mobile app development team carefully chooses the best ad type for you and your business.

See the Potential of Mobile App Advertising!

By 2018, spending on mobile in-app advertising in ten key countries measured (including Canada) is projected to be more than spending on online search advertising. As the best in Toronto app development, contact Saigal Media to learn more about how your business, too, can profit from mobile app advertisements!

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