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Four turkeys sitting around having Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a humorous application so instead of people sitting around the table we have Turkeys sitting around having a thanksgiving dinner. Every Turkey has a sound button on it. When the user select the picture of the male turkey, or female, or child turkey icon it has a menu which shows different sounds, such as “Pass me the gravy”, “Anyone for seconds”, “I am stuffed”, “One more bite and I will pop” etc.

Other options:

Record Gobble: You can create your own sound and add it to the menu.

Surprise the Crowd: You can place the phone behind someone with a selected sound and a timer. Once the time is up the phone will make an automatic sound which was selected.

Turkey on the watch: A timer is used in the application, so if you leave your phone somewhere and someone picks it up then it will make a sound.

Gift a Friend: You can send a sound file to your friends wishing them Thanksgiving or any other sound.

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